every year, i always plan to visit my family and friends in the Philippines.. unfortunately i can't bring with me my car from states because if I'm going to send it here, it would take a lot of money to be sent due to other fees and tax payments..then i decided to rent a car, i checked out the internet and found viajero ren-a-car..as from the description of this service,viajero rent-a-car is truly the best car rental service in manila..i saved a lot of money, because this rental service offers discount for a long term of renting..surely,i will recommend you to my friends and other relatives whose going to take a vacation here in the Philippines this coming December..thanks viajero!!

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Makati, Manila, Philippines #778682

FACT: Renting a car from Viajero saves you money. We rented a Ford Fiesta for only 2,100 pesos which is inclusive *unlimited* mileage.

We tried but other car rental companies in Manila couldn't match their offer.

If you want to save some more, check out their website and Facebook page for promos.

Hands down, they have the best deals for out-of-town and group trips. Just saying.


How about trying to rent from Mias car rental, I used to be Viajeros client also before but found this one to be better and cheaper -> www.laspinas.info or if you want extreme quality service, try www.avis.com

San Juan, Zambales, Philippines #658576

We rented from them twice. The only reason we rented from them a second time is because they convinced us that as crappy as their cars were, no one else in Manila could offer us anything better!

Their cars are dirty, beat up, broken down, and often break down (as was the case with ours). We were embarrassed to have anyone else in the car with us.

Broken lenses, spare tires, broken mirrors, inoperable equipment... and perhaps most importantly, NO SERVICE!

to TubeFreak San Juan, Zambales, Philippines #658579

I'm with ya, TubeFreak! We saw this video on YouTube, and couldn't believe what we saw:

Viajero Rent A Car

We won't be renting from them for sure!

to TubeFreak #666167

Viajero appreciates any feedback given by customers. The company does its best to maintain their cars & provide good service.

It particularly did its very best to accommodate this particular user's demands. During the rainy night mentioned, Viajero did whatever it could to have a car & driver go to the user as soon as possible. Availability & proximity also had to be considered. While the driver was already on his way, the user wouldn't disclose the specific location of the vehicle.

The car was then found to had been left by the user at a service center in the area. Upon observation of the said service center & another branch, the claims about the faulty engine had no basis.


I rented a car from them two weeks ago and I saw no problem. The car was clean.

They upgraded me to the next grade car.

The driver was very friendly and knows where we were going. I was happy with the service.


What a load of rubbish. We found Viajero rent a car to be unreliable and dishonest.

The car was supplied very dirty inside and out and with empty fule tank. We booked an automatic and got a manual. We booked a 4x4 and got a 2 wheel drive. We eventual got the manual replaced with an automatic and recieved another dirty car and empty fule tank.

They were dishonest to the point of blantant lies.

If you want a stress free holiday DONT USE THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL REGREAT IT IF YOU DO.

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