San Juan, Zambales

Viajero Rent A Car ("Rent A BOMB" is more like it) claims on their site and in their videos that their cars are clean and well maintained. WHAT A JOKE! If I wasn't the one who got ripped off and abandoned by these people, I'd be laughing!

We rented several cars from these people. ALL were defective, not clean, and DEFINITELY not well maintained at all. One car had TWO spare tires on it (they didn't even bother to put regular tires back on the car before renting it out again to us). And as you can see in the attached video, the last one we rented was pretty beat up as well.

In fact, two days after this video was taken, the car broke down with my wife and daughter in it. They were stuck in the rain in heavy traffic on the streets of Manila, and Viajero didn't lift a finger to help us, nor did they have a car to replace ours with! So, my family was left stranded by this company, leaving me no choice but to leave work to go rescue my family and deal with their problem car, doing their job for them.

Other than my family being stranded, and getting ripped off for this car, the worst part about this is that I expressed concerns about the car to their manager, Charity Dizon. She agreed that the quality of the maintenance of their cars (including mine) was a problem, but did nothing about it. I lost more than $600 in lost income alone, and almost $400 renting this bomb. They won't refund the money. Their position is that since the car was in my possession, I should be charged. Even if I was pushing the car for most of my rental time, they insist that's worth almost $400!

SCAM! RIPOFF! Avoid this company like the plague they are! Their business practices epitomize everything that is wrong with this otherwise-peaceful country! Their owner, Andre Seno, probably doesn't even know how badly his company is being run!

Product or Service Mentioned: Viajero Rent A Car Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Viajero appreciates any feedback given by customers. The company does its best to maintain their cars & provide good service.

It particularly did its very best to accommodate this particular user's demands. During the rainy night mentioned, Viajero did whatever it could to have a car & driver go to the user as soon as possible. Availability & proximity also had to be considered. While the driver was already on his way, the user wouldn't disclose the specific location of the vehicle.

The car was then found to had been left by the user at a service center in the area. Upon observation of the said service center & another branch, the claims about the faulty engine had no basis.

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